Saturday, November 15, 2008

TREC 2008

Shortly, we will be travelling to attend the TREC 2008 conference in Gaithersburg, Maryland (18-21 November 2008). We have been very busy analysing the sheer volume of data that was collected in the Blog track this year. Indeed, this year, we ran a very large-scale experiment with the aim to draw a better understanding of the most effective and stable opinion-finding techniques. Moreover, we also tightened up the blog distillation task (feed search task), so as it truly runs as a distillation task. Following the traditional TREC conference cycle, the Blog track 2008 results will be first presented to the TREC 2008 participating groups next year. They will then be made available to all interested parties around February 2009 when the TREC 2008 final Proceedings go online.

Plans for the TREC 2009 Blog track will be discussed and refined during the TREC Blog track workshop in the afternoon of Thursday 20th November.

In addition to our involvement in the organisation of the Blog track, we will be giving a presentation on the work we did this year in the newly introduced Relevance Feedback track. We have also prepared two posters summarising our results in the Enteprise and Blog tracks.

It looks like we are set for a very exciting and busy week. We hope to see many of you in TREC.


Unknown said...

Is there any possibility we can get proceedings before Feb?? and are you planning to release another Data Collection for TREC 2009? And like me working on current data collection (could not participate in TREC 2008 :( ) will be allowed to participate in TREC 2009 with work on current data collection?

Iadh Ounis said...

As with the traditional TREC cycle, the proceedings of TREC 2008 will be published around February 2009. They will be available online from the TREC website.