Thursday, June 4, 2009

CIKM 2011 in Glasgow!

We are delighted that our bid to host the ACM Conference on Information and Knowledge Management (CIKM 2011) in Glasgow has been successful.

After the highly successful ESSIR 2007 and ECIR 2008 events, we are excited at the prospect of hosting the prestigious ACM CIKM Conference in Glasgow in 2011. We look forward to having our colleagues gather in Glasgow, and to surpassing their expectations.

Further information about the conference (dates, venues, etc.) will be available in due course.

CIKM 2009 will be held on November 2-6, 2009, in Hong Kong. Hope to see you there!


Pavel Serdyukov said...

Congratulations! That table conversation was fruitful :)

Iadh Ounis said...

Thanks Pavel.
Yes, indeed, table conversation was helpful!

Nimmy said...

Congrats! Looking forward to more information on the call for papers. I think I may have a good case study to share and would love to have the opportunity to do so at CIKM.

Iadh Ounis said...

Hi Nimmy,

All information about CIKM 2011 will be posted in due course in

In addition, if you have a Twitter account, you can follow us in:

We will be using Twitter to advertise call for papers, etc.

We have also a CIKM 2011 Facebook group, which you are welcome to join.

Nimmy said...

Thanks for the response, Iadh!
Following you on Twitter as well now... :-)