Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Terrier Team at SIGIR 2010 in Geneva

SIGIR 2010 has just started in Geneva. From the TerrierTeam, Richard and myself are attending.

On Monday, Richard presented his PhD topic, Leveraging User-generated Content for News Search at the doctoral consortium.

Later, at the Web Ngram workshop, I'll be presenting a paper on Global Statistics in Proximity Weighting Models.

About the same time, Richard will be presenting at the Crowdsourcing for Search Evaluation workshop. His paper on Crowdsourcing a News Query Classification Dataset examines the effectiveness of different interfaces for having Mechanical Turkers classify queries as news-related or not.

Last but not least, and continuing on our proximity theme, Nicola Tonellotto from CNR is presenting our joint work titled Efficient Dynamic Pruning with Proximity Support at the Large Scale & Distributed Systems workshop.

Meanwhile, please say hello if you see us at the conference, or stay up to date by following #sigir2010. And remember, if you are near the registration desk, please pick up flyers for Terrier and CIKM 2011.

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