Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A SMART way to Search your City

TerrierTeam is currently expanding its outreach into social and sensor-based search systems as part of the ongoing SMART EU-funded project (FP7 287583). SMART aims to develop an open source  search framework for multimedia data stemming from the physical world and social streams such as Twitter. The end-goal is to be able to answer location and time-sensitive queries such as “where can I go to listen to live music in the city centre tonight?” or “where are my friends hanging out in the city?” by augmenting social media signals with live city sensor information.

Our role in the SMART project is to develop fast and effective real-time search from the flood of information provided by social and city sensor streams on top of our open-source Terrier information retrieval platform. Indeed, a real-time Twitter search demo illustrating incremental and distributed indexing and real-time retrieval in Terrier is now available. Try it at: http://demos.terrier.org/SMART/twittersearch/

SMART has seen wide-ranging national, European and international coverage in online and print news media over the last week. Indeed, we are tracking over 100 articles and counting! Some sample articles can be found below:
A more detailed list of recent press coverage can be found at

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