Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Terrier 3.0 released

Firstly, we have a new website for Terrier:

Also, we have just released Terrier 3.0!

This is a major update to Terrier, including:
  • support for indexing WARC collections (such as ClueWeb09)
  • improved MapReduce mode indexing
  • improved and more scalable index structures
  • added field-based and proximity term dependence models, such as BM25F, PL2F and Markov Random Fields
  • new Web-based retrieval interface
Fuller changelog at

If your looking for our team publications, etc., please see our new team website:

Thanks are due to everyone in the Terrier Team for their hard work to make this release, as well as the contributions and feedback about Terrier from our users and collaborators.